List of services we provide.
  • Residential flooring
  • Commercial flooring
  • Retail flooring
    - Driveways
    - Patios
    - Sidewalks
    - Floors
    - Garage Floors
    - Pool Decks
    - Walls
    - Foundations
  • Concrete warehouse floors
  • Clean room flooring
  • Medical facility floors
  • Laboratory floors
  • Testing facility floors
  • Food preparation area flooring
  • Veterinarian clinic flooring
  • Automobile service area flooring
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Textures
  • Seamless/MICRO-FINISH(TM): Smooth, seamless finish
  • Imprints: Imprinting mats are used to create a textured finish.
  • The following patterns are available: Granite, Roman Slate, Italian Slate, Ashlars Slate, Stone Slate, Random Stone, European Fan, Old Cobblestone, Brick, Herringbone, Brick Basket Weave, Sandstone tile.
  • Saw Cut Tiles: Gives the impression of floor tiles, in any size.
  • Knock-down Texture: Technique used to create a 2-D effect.
  • Concrete staining imparts a luxurious richness that can’t be achieved by any other colouring medium. It is predicted that stained concrete could become as mainstream as stained wood. Like stains for wood, acid-based stains are translucent and the colour they produce will vary depending on the colour and condition of the substrate they are applied to. Each concrete slab will accept stain in varying degrees of intensity, creating natural colour variations that bring character and distinction to each project. This makes each project totally unique.
  • CHEM-STONE(TM) Reactive Stain creates a mottled, uneven, translucent colouration effect. The natural, aged- look colouring process is so authentic that the look rivals that of weathered stone, slate and marble.
  • Unlike paint, Chem-Stone Reactive Stain is not a coating or film build resin. Therefore, the colour becomes a permanent part of the surface, which will not chip, flake or peel and only wears when the concrete surface wears.
  • Dyes are used as a stand alone, or in conjunction with acid stains to produce a variegated look, and in most cases, complement the already stained floor. Dyes allow for more layering of colour, antiquing and translucent effects. Portion control colourants are diluted to varied strengths to produce the desired colour.
  • This is the latest addition to our range, and is at the cutting edge of interior decorative flooring.
  • A unique 3-D look – no other product on the market will give this finish and high gloss multi-coloured effect.
  • Minimum down time and disturbance when installing.
  • Can revitalize any existing surface as it is an epoxy-based product (epoxy is considered one of the top sealers in terms of abrasion resistance).
  • Colour can be varied from translucent to concentrated and includes latest colour trends.
  • Ideal for restaurants, hair salons, casinos, gymnasiums, health spas and clubs, shopping malls and theme parks, to mention a few.
  • Reflector Enhancer contains micro particles designed to reflect and refract light to create a natural metallic or aged-stone finish when used in high build clear resin epoxies. It will reflect light differently depending on the colour of the surface it's applied to and the viewing angle.
  • South Africa’s sunny weather provides the ideal outdoor living conditions. The possibilities of concrete are endless from outdoor kitchens, patios, entertainment areas, to pool and house surrounds, driveways and walkways.
  • Walls
    Vertical wall applications provide an eye-catching focal point. For example, the fireplace mantle shelf or fireplace surround can serve as a substitute for a work of art. Decorative murals can be designed as a piece of art on their own or added to a feature wall to enhance the overall décor.
There are several techniques of applying our vertical overlay systems:
  • Spray-on
    For thin, smooth texture. Ideal for bathroom, shower, saunas, kitchens (high moisture areas). We carry a waterproof primer which we use in conjunction with our overlay systems. This is suitable for high moisture areas such as showers, pools, water features, etc. Say goodbye to ugly grouting and mould, due to the antibacterial benefits which our overlay systems supply.
  • Trowelled by hand
    Smoothed or imprinted using various texture mats (16 mats available). Colour is applied or mixed into overlay and then sealed. This is suitable for interior and exterior applications, including boundary walls, precast slate walls, entrance facades, etc. A replica of a brick pattern is also achievable through this technique, and this is a cost effective alternative for exterior and high rise buildings.
  • Hand Sculptured Artwork
    Custom designed for feature walls. water features
Advantages of using vertical overlays
  • lightweight product
  • excellent mould ability
  • high adhesive strength
  • anti-bacterial
  • breathable
  • improves heat insulation
  • minimized preparation work (a big advantage)
  • low maintenance
  • suitable for high storey building applications
  • can be applied directly over drywall, wood, masonry and various other surfaces.
  • Vertical overlays are used to create beautiful replica of natural stone finishes on interior and exterior walls such as kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, entrance halls, living rooms, fireplace surrounds, retaining walls and boundary walls.
We offer three options for countertops:
  1. Standard concrete with an overlay system applied.
    This could be suitable for an outdoor entertainment area. Can be applied with a smooth or textured finish. These are generally cast 50 mm thick.
  2. Lightweight Countertop overlay mix.
    Pre-cast or cast on site to customer specifications. These are generally cast 30 mm thick.
  3. Overlay system.
    Can be applied over old melamine, wood and tiles. This is a cost saving alternative.
  • Bathrooms
    The bathroom can be the ideal place to display concrete’s versatility. Vanity units can be custom designed to fit tight areas and used to express individual creativity with interesting designs and concepts.
  • Kitchens
    The interest in concrete countertops has had a renewed interest of late. Concrete countertops offer a unique and exciting alternative that is gaining much popularity. They offer an individualized design and a multitude of colour variations that far surpass other countertop alternatives. Almost any item can be embedded into your countertop to enhance the ambiance, such as special personal mementos, coins, glass, tiles, sea shells, optic cables for lighting.

    An exciting aspect to concrete is the fact that it is a live material, and therefore has a life of its own, displaying its beauty for many years.
  • Outdoor entertainment areas
    Again, the versatility and durability of concrete for exterior areas, is unmatched. A variety of finishes are available from smooth to textured, and any shape or design is achievable.
  • Reception Counters
    For companies looking to make a statement or for something personal! Customised counters can be designed to inlay a company logo and corporate colours.

Fire up a blaze instantly and provide hours of warmth... The table top surface around the fire offers ample room for drinks and hors d'oeuvres. A Gas Fire Coffee Table is the ultimate modern outdoor fire. Each table is locally hand crafted Tops are cast in smooth, re enforced high- performance polished concrete and sealed with a penetrating sealer. The base is pre-cast concrete covered n polymer cement and sealed. Each one being custom made they take 4-6 weeks from order to delivery. They are long and low, its horizontal proportions and linear flame are designed to define social spaces. Our Linear Outdoor and indoor Fire tables have a clean, organic aesthetic that will dramatically enhance any outdoor or indoor living area. This addition to your living space is ideal for entertaining, a place for conversation or just for aesthetic warmth.

Our tables are made to suit that area the burners are display, suiting size and shape and with electronic ignition system comprising of all the safety features. In the event of the flame blowing out the fire pit will automatically re-start or shut the gas supply off in the event of a problem. The perfect outdoor feature that warms and forms a central focal point These remote electronic ignition fire pit inserts are the top of the line, heavy duty, 304 stainless steel fire pits controlled with wall switch or smart home system.

It is available in 4 architectural colours. Charcoal, Chocolate Brown, Oxford Grey and Ebony

Our standard Linear Gas Fire Tables are available in 1.2m or 1.5m lengths by 600 mm wide and 450 mm high with a drop down side of 120mm.

To suit burner size of 600 mm to 900 mm long and 300 mm wide.

1.5 m or 1.6 m lengths by 750 mm wide and 440 mm high with a drop down side of 120mm,

To suit burner size of 600 mm, 900 mm and 1050 mm long and 300 mm wide.

1.6m upto 2.0m lengths by 800mm wide and 450mm high with drop down side of 150mm.

To suit burner size of 1350mm. - We also supply manually control burners- 780 mm and 1050 mm long x 300 wide.
- Comes with a 2 year warranty on working parts.
- We will custom make tables on request to suit any burner size or shape or no burner.